Papervision3D Image Shatter Effect

October 15, 2008 by Devin Reimer

Image Shatter Demo Screenshot

This Papervision3D demo is of an image shattering effect. It is achieved by using the Caurina Tweener to independently move each plane. They start in random locations and move toward a point of origin, thus assembling the image. Once complete, the planes randomly scatter and the process repeats.

This project was an ideal reason to start using the Tweener library in conjunction with Papervision3D. When creating movements in Papervision, Tweener is superior to other libraries in terms of accuracy, flexibility, and ease of use. This project is a good stress test for rendering numerous planes at the same time – in this case, 192.

Continue reading for a working demo and source code.

You can download the source code here

This demo may run too slow on older computers, however you can speed it up by decreasing the number of planes by modifying the source.

Note: This source code works with Papervision 2.0 Beta – Revision 753. Please let me know if it breaks in newer revisions.

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