So Many Rooms – Room Jam

January 28, 2011 by Devin Reimer

Update: So Many Rooms is now live. 30 rooms and counting. Go play some rooms.

Tomorrow (Jan 29,2010) is the first day of “Room Jam“, Winnipeg’s next game development jam.

What is a “game jam”? It’s an event were game developers get together and build games over the course of a couple of days.

So what is “Room Jam“? It’s an idea I came up with a few months ago. Everyone builds their own ‘room’ containing its own gameplay, art style, etc. We then put them all together into one large seamless crazy awesome game. Players would then progress from one random room to the next. We call it: “So Many Rooms“.

So you have some idea, here are some of Winnipeg’s previous jams:

The great part is that you don’t have to live here to participate, people will be working and submitting room from all over the world. There is still time to signup and build your own room, visit for details.

Update: New blog post available: So Many Rooms – Idea Through Execution

PlayModePersist – Unity Asset Store

January 11, 2011 by Devin Reimer

Have you ever wanted to make changes to a component in Unity while in Play mode and have them persist after you click stop? Have you ever accidentally made changes to a component while your game was playing and wish they could be saved?

After a lot of hard work I’m happy to announce ‘PlayModePersist’ is now available in the Unity Asset Store.

This Unity extension allows you to select which components on individual GameObjects you wish to persist and they will save automatically the moment you hit stop. No needed to copy and reapply your changes, no worrying about a “clipboard” being full. You are not limited to saving one component or one GameObject, you can persist as many component from as many GameObject as you would like.
Works with all component with script access including, Transform, Rigidbody, Physics Colliders and Joints, etc. Also supports custom built components. Complete list of supported components.

This feature is currently the #3 most requested editor feature and #10 most requested overall on

Best of all it is easy to use, while in Play mode just click the ‘PlayModePersist’ dropdown below the Transform title in the inspector and click the checkboxes for the component you wish to persist. Once you click stop their current state will be persisted.

Please use the comment section below to let me know what you think. Also giving it a rating in the Unity Asset Store would be greatly appreciated.

Note: If you don’t know how to use/access the Unity Asset Store, simply open up Unity, click Window->Unity Asset Store. You can find this item under ‘Extensions’.

Update: New link to PlayModePersist:

Special thanks goes out to Kevin Evans for his work that went into this extension.

JigLibFlash Contributor – JigLibFlash Native FIVe3D Support

September 21, 2009 by Devin Reimer

JigLibFlash Logo

I recently became a member of the JigLibFlash team. The first item of business was to add FIVe3D support into the library itself. You can read the brief article about it here. While you now will not need to download additional files for JigLibFlash you will still have to download the additional FIVe3D files (including the FIVe3D cube) from this site until they are supported features of FIVe3D. You can download those additional files here.

For those who have already implemented JigLibFlash with FIVe3D this new change should require no more effort than removing the old jiglib folder from my orignal source. An example of the new implementation is also available within the JigLibFlash library.

For those who haven’t heard of or used JigLibFlash yet check it out.

JigLibFlash Blog:
JigLibFlash Source:

If you haven’t already seen the demo here it is – FIVe3D JigLibFlash Demo.

Unity3D – You're Stealing my Free Time and I Love It

September 7, 2009 by Devin Reimer

Unity Title

If someone 3 months ago would have said to me, do you see any reason why you would stop devoting so much time to Flash/Flex in the next year. I would have said not a chance. I love interactive content on the web and more specifically interactive 3D within a browser. I have long history with AS3 and the only other “competitors” (Silverlight and HTML5)  aren’t capable of what I would need them to do.

My world got turned upside down the day I was shown the Unity Web Player. I froze, my jaw dropped, this was amazing. I had seen demos of Unity before in presentations about iPhone development, but this was different, this was in a browser. Most importantly it meant I could program full 3D in C# for the web.  So I went back to my original list of reasons why I was not interested in Unity the first time I saw it. Firstly it was really for iPhone and Wii development at the time, but now it’s also for the web.  The next reason being, I didn’t own a Mac. After doing some reading I realized that sure enough the Unity guys have dealt with that, the editor was now available for Windows. My last reason was price, but since this tool is so great I could deal with the price. In theory I would be in, but there was one other reason that hadn’t occurred to me. What about the thousands of hours I’ve put into AS3 development. Separation anxiety, going from a place where I know so much, to a place where I know nothing.

After a week of thought on the topic, I decided that Unity3D development was what I had to do. This was what I was waiting for, it just didn’t come in the form of a new Flash Player release. It has been roughly a month since the shift in my spare time over to Unity3D and I couldn’t be happier, the power and the opportunities are incredible.

So this is why there has been a little drought in examples on this blog, Unity3D has stolen my free time. This does not mean nothing new is coming, I’m actually finishing up some JigLibFlash stuff as I write this (so clearly Unity3D hasn’t stole all my free time). I am also hoping in the coming months that I will have some Unity3D examples to put up on this blog.

If you haven’t already done so please go check out Unity3D now.

I have one final comment and it is for Adobe: I know your plan is to unify the mobile player with the web player. In doing this you are slowing down the advancement of the web player to a point that by the time you have them ready to unify, there might not be anything left to unify.

Papervision3D Lecture – Winnipeg Code Camp

March 9, 2009 by Devin Reimer

Winnipeg Code Camp Banner

On March 14th I will be speaking at this year’s Winnipeg Code Camp. My lecture is titled ‘3D Web Development – Papervision3D and Beyond’. This lecture will include a brief history of 3D content on the web, how to get started in Papervision3D including functional examples and an overview of where this technology is headed. Knowledge of ActionScript is not required to get a lot out of this session. Event registration begins at 8:00 am and did I mention this is a free event. Head on over to their official site for more information (