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June 5, 2013 by Devin Reimer

Over the past few projects I’ve been working on a UI framework for use with 2D Toolkit. I love 2D Toolkit, but it biggest issue was the lack of a UI solution. I tried NGUI and while it is powerful, I found it clunky and very slow (big problem on mobile).

So I set off to build my own UI framework that would work with 2D Toolkit. The criteria was it needed to be fast, easily extensible and event-driven. After numerous iterations I had something really solid that dramatically improved our workflow. I then realized that other people would probably find this useful.

I shot an email over to the creator of 2D Toolkit and after some discussion we came to an agreement.

With that, this UI framework is now included in 2D Toolkit!

This means if you already own 2D Toolkit you get it for free. And if you do not already own 2D Toolkit, it will come bundled with it.


Webplayer Demo:

2D Toolkit Unity Asset Store:


2 Responses to "2D Toolkit UI"

  1. eedok says:

    First thing I checked was to see if the Input widget behaved like a text box so I could ditch NGUI if it did. A bit disappointed that it behaves exactly like the NGUI one.

    Though it is nice to see more lightweight UI solutions for unity

  2. Jon says:

    So excited to see this included in 2dTK. Thank you for the implementation!

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