Unite 2012 Amsterdam Presentation

October 29, 2012 by Devin Reimer

This past August I attended my third Unite (Unity Conference) in Amsterdam. This year I got the opportunity to give a presentation with Alex Schwartz. Our presentation was titled, “Continuously Bootstrapping an Indie Studio by Remaining Agile with Unity”.

We got a lot of positive feedback and people really like it. Unity did a wonderful job recorded the session and have put it up on their site.

Watch presentation :

I would like to thank Unity for putting on the event and all the people that attended. Unite was once again a fantastic experience.

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  1. dude I just found you indirectly through alec holowka, and I had watched this talk you gave about 3 or 4 months back.

    I was at a point where I was new to code, new to unity, and was really starting to “hit the wall” and feel overwhelmed,

    and i watched this one, and one from a year before I forget who presented, was also pretty good, and they totally motivated me to keep going. fast forward to now and I’m quite a lot better at code, actually finishing my game, it’s optimized for mobile which i’m really proud of, and yeah,
    but here’s the weird part!
    I ran into a bunch of stressful things tonight with coders on my team being… less than adequate, and i was trying to find some tutorials to help explain my point, ended up stumbling into alec’s youtube channel and then indirectly back into this thing. (anyways, that may sound like the most boring story ever but i thought it was pretty nifty)

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