PlayModePersist Version 1.5 – Unity Asset Store

April 19, 2011 by Devin Reimer

A new release (v1.5) of PlayModePersist is now available for download in the Unity Asset Store –¬†

PlayModePersist is a Unity Extension that allows you to persist changes you make in the Unity Editor while in Play mode. To learn more about it your can read my original blog post:

Thanks to some great feedback from users I’ve added a bunch of new features and a few fixes.

What is new in Version 1.5

  • Shortcut key : Open/closing the PlayModePersist dropdown : Shift+Alt+O
  • Shortcut key : Persisting all components within selected GameObject : Shift+Alt+P
  • Auto Persist Settings –¬†Ability to search for and add components you would like to always auto persist in all your projects (Window -> PlayModePerist Auto Persist Settings)
  • Bug Fix : Issue persisting multiple GameObjects at the same time
  • Bug Fixes : Cleaning up warning and error messages that can occur since Unity 3.2

These new features make PlayModePersist not only easier to use, but should save you a lot more time.

If you already own PlayModePersist this update is free simply download the update. If you haven’t yet pick up a copy, what are you waiting for? Download it now:

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