JigLibFlash FIVe3D Dominos

October 1, 2009 by Devin Reimer

JigLibFlash FIVe3D Dominos

So far the only FIVe3D JigLibFlash example I have shown is the Falling Cube Demo. So it was time to create something a little more practical. Dominos.

In this demo you can create, position and rotate dominos, then knock them over. You can also move the camera around the scene to get a better view.

This demo is my first use of flat shading in FIVe3D , which is a new feature in V2.1.2. Flat shading couldn’t be easier to implement, I simply set scene.ambientLightIntensity=.05 and then set all the sides of my dominos to flatShaded=true. I’m impressed with how easy it was to add and how much more visually appealing it made this demo.

This demo is also my first since joining the JigLibFlash team and adding FIVe3D support to the JigLibFlash library. This means the sample source does not contain any JigLibFlash classes, as they are now within the JigLibFlash library itself. Make sure you update your version of JigLibFlash rev 101 or higher.

To check out the demo click here.

To get the demo source click here.

Source Requirements: You will need both FIVe3D 2.1.2 and JigLibFlash to compile the demo source.

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