Actionscript Object Class Generator using Flex

June 1, 2009 by Devin Reimer

Actionscript Object Class Creator Shot

I have been working with Flex for a little while now mostly working on little experiments. So I decided it was time to create something useful. The idea for this project came to me while working on a large very object-oriented project.

All standard object class are similar in layout, but different enough that you really can’t copy and paste them. After creating tons of these classes by hand I knew there must be an easier way. At that moment ‘Actionscript Object Class Generator’ was born. This web-based application lets the user fill in a few fields and options like package path, class name, variables, variable types and also specify if getters and/or setters are needed. Once complete it will auto generate the properly formatted object class code which you then can paste directly into Actionscript file.

Check it out here.

Please leave me some feedback. Let me know if you like it, what features should be added or changed. If enough people find this application useful I might turn it into an AIR app that will save out files automatically.

4 Responses to "Actionscript Object Class Generator using Flex"

  1. CW says:

    Sorry as I am not writing comment on this post…Before, I have left a comment on your previous post regarding the new example of JigLibFlash, but I afraid you have missed it, therefore please forgive me to write here.
    I have tried the example you posted for the updated JigLibFlash. I added another PV3D geometry in the scene of your example, it has the same size and position as the ground. However when I want to set the rotationX, Y and Z of the ground (RigidBody) in the example as same as the rotation setting of the new PV3D geometry I added, the orientation is different.

    However, when I tried setting only one axis of rotation in one time, both the orientation of the PV3D and RigidBody are the same.

    Is this a bug? Or anything I got wrong? Can you help?

  2. Mark says:

    Hi there! Cool tool. I’ve created a similar tool, only not in flex, but js:

  3. CK says:

    Does your Generator use any template engine?


  4. Devin Reimer says:

    @CK No it’s just a hard-coded looping string replace. While I could add editable templates Flex/Flash Builder can now do a lot of that stuff for you. That being said I still use this tool to build a bunch of quick object classes.

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