3D Ball Adventure (JigLibMotionSpringCamera3D) Part 3

February 22, 2009 by Devin Reimer

3D Ball Adventure Version 3 Screenshot

Over the passed week and an half, I went through almost every line of code in this project and rewrote and refactored it. After a bit of work, I discovered the cause of the major camera bug that would cause the camera to freak out when pointed north. This issue is now fixed. The springiness of the camera has also been loosened up a bit, so the camera motion is a lot smoother.

Since I got the new camera system to work, I decided to make it a nice and programmer friendly class called JigLibMotionStringCamera3D. I am aware that this name is terrible and long, but it describes the camera’s function perfectly. The camera uses a JigLibFlash RigidBody object as its target and moves based on its motion not the direction it is facing. Part of the camera’s smooth motion is achieved by extending the SpringCamera3D class. While this camera does have specific job, I know that there are a lot of uses for a camera like this. If you find a cool use for it, drop me a line.

The viewable area of this version has been increased and a little challenge has been added to the end of the level for those who played the last version.

If anyone has created any cool levels using the xml level creator send me an email. I would love to incorporate them in my next version.

To play the demo click here.

To get the source click here.

Note: You will need Papervision3D, JigLibFlash and Tweener to compile the source.

Update: The swf example has been updated to fix an issue when viewed on any page but the main page. Thanks to Chris Hill for pointing this out.

11 Responses to "3D Ball Adventure (JigLibMotionSpringCamera3D) Part 3"

  1. Chris Hill says:

    HI, your latest version 3 is missing a file:

    I played v2, pretty cool stuff!

  2. Andre Anaya says:

    I thought a bit dificult move the ball due camera position when turning. However it’s a great example using JibLib

  3. Milan S. says:


    I think we have been working on separately on same type of game. :-)
    Have you seen this ?

    Bye M.

  4. Robert Boyd says:

    You did a really nice job with this game. The gameplay was a little rough in the early versions, but getting pretty great in this version. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Great Job!!! My brother and I play this demo all the time.

  6. Zaza says:

    Great game, I liked it very much and level design was very cool too :)
    in the 3rd game the camera looks perfect for me

    I’m just having a small problem, I don’t have the class flash.geom.Vector3D and the Jnumber3D class throws error

    do you know how can I get it?

  7. Devin Reimer says:

    @Zaza To get this version of the game working look at the top of the main as file, it will tell you the version of JigLibFlash, Papervision3D and Tweener that it was built with. Since this was wrote over a year ago a lot of changes have been made to both Papervision3D and JigLibFlash.

    One of the issue I believe you are running into is that you are most likely using the FP10 version of JigLibFlash or Papervision3D, but you are not building it as a FP10 project (Vector3D is only available in FP10).

    You will need to make some tweaks to get this to run with the newest version library as this example was wrote over a year ago.

    An example of using the new JigLibFlash FP10 library is located here:

  8. Zaza says:

    @Devin Reimer

    Thanks Devin, now the life is much easier :))

  9. Would you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog: . I’m going to aslo make sure to give you the appropriate anchor text hyperlink using your blog title: . Please make sure to let me know if this is okay with you. Thanks!

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